DRP Concerned about Arrest of Abdullah Morsi by Egyptian Security Forces

Press Release

Detention Review Panel express concern about the arrest of President Mohammed Morsi’s son, Abdullah Morsi

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Today (10 October 2018) the Detention Review Panel have received reports that Abdullah Morsi, the son of former Egyptian President Morsi, has been arrested and detained by security forces from his home in Egypt. No reasons have been given for his arrest or detention. Abdullah recently campaigned against the arbitrary detention and treatment of his father. He has been a strong critic of the Egyptian regime’s treatment of his father and others who have been detained since the 2013 coup.

Earlier this year members of the Morsi family asked the Detention Review Panel, chaired by Crispin Blunt MP, to investigate Dr Morsi’s conditions in detention. The Panel included former UK Minister for State for Justice Lord Faulks QC and Member of the UK Health and Social Care Select Committee Dr Paul Williams MP.

The Panel found that President Morsi’s detention conditions were far below the standard expected by international legal standards. They also found that the President was being denied adequate medical treatment which would endanger his life.

Crispin Blunt MP said. “This is a depressing development in an already bleak picture for human rights in Egypt. We hope that the Egyptian authorities will find the common humanity to deal with family members of ex-President Morsi to a standard that will not embarrass them in future.”


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