The Detention Review Panel has been commissioned by family members of Dr Morsi following serious concerns they had about his treatment in Egyptian prisons. Dr Morsi has been in effective incommunicado detention and solitary confinement since his removal as Egypt’s first democratically elected President in 2013. Dr Morsi's family have detailed their concerns about his seriously deteriorating health and lack of appropriate medical treatment. 

The family have asked leading London human rights law firm ITN Solicitors to commission an independent group of MPs and lawyers to investigate Dr Morsi's detention and treatment and report their findings. The Detention Review Panel's investigation hopes to include a visit to Dr Morsi in detention in Egypt.

The Detention Review Panel have been mandated to:

  • determine Dr. Morsi’s detention conditions
  • determine Dr Morsi’s current state of health
  • establish if his detention conditions, including provision of medical care, are compliant with the requirements of Egyptian & International law
  • prepare a report detailing the Panel’s findings

If you would like to submit evidence to the Detention Review Panel please click here for further details.