The Detention Review Panel obtains its authority to review the conditions of detainees through a mandate from a Local Interested Party.

A Local Interested Party is defined as a person or an organisation with appropriate locus to the Detainee. Local Interested Parties are usually members of the Detainee’s family, an NGO or citizens of the State under review, who are concerned about the Detainees treatment or detention conditions.

The DRP is convened through leading London human rights law firm ITN Solicitors who act the the Legal Secretariat and Rapporteur for the DRP.

ITN Solicitors and the DRP Chair select and commission an independent group of MPs and lawyers for each DRP. The DRP investigate the Detainees persons conditions and report their findings in a public report.

The Detention Review Panel will in every case request direct access to the detained person through diplomatic channels.

The Detention Review Panel can:

  • formally request permission to visit the Detainee

  • Visit the Detainee whilst in detention (subject to permission)

  • determine detention conditions

  • conduct a medical examination to determine a detainees state of health

  • establish if detention conditions, including provision of medical care, are compliant with the requirements of International law

  • prepare a report detailing the Panel’s findings

  • Highlight human rights abuses through international medial outlets.

If you would like to submit evidence to the Detention Review Panel please click here for further details.